2015 Exhibitors & Vendors

There are 82 booths in two exhibit halls. At some booths there are two businesses and each is listed separately. Clicking on the names will take you to more information on each exhibitor. Those exhibitors who will only be at the fair one day are noted. Vernon recreation and preservation groups are in the Cafe.

Alliance For Holistic Living - KURT RAVENWOOD - Building community through education & service
Angel Connections (Saturday) - BARBARA HARDIE - Books, CDs, angel prints
Balanced Health Center - RACHEL DONOVAN - Women's health
Bountiful Blessings - JO HOMAR - Crystal angels, empowerment cards, energy healing
Breathe...more, LLC (Saturday) - CHERIE TRICE - Yoga studio, Pilates, massage, meditation, nutrition
Bringing The Body Into Balance - LAURIE COSENZA, PT - Manual therapy, energy healing
Center for Progressive Therapies - JIM COWLES - Dance, yoga, colonics, nutrition, hypnosis, spa
Chi For Healing - ERIK HARRIS - Tai Chi, QiGong, tea, stones, artwork
Chiropractic Family Health Centers - LAURA J. NAZLIAN
Citizens Oil Co-op, Inc.name - ROSIE STANKO - Discounts on oil, propane, electricity
Connecticut Herb Association - GAYLE NOGAS - Herbal dip mix
Connecticut Natural Health Specialists, LLC - LAUREN YOUNG, ND - Naturopathic medicine
Conscious CT - JON ROE - Holistic community website
Crystal Vibrations Jewelry - REV. STACY LEE GOFORTH & VALINDA SALVA - Energy infused bracelets
David Young Music - DAVID YOUNG - CD's
Door Opener Magazine - DORY DZINSKI - Magazine
Earth and Sky - PATRICIA SHANNON & MARIAN VITALI - Energy healing, shamanic wellness
Earth Angel Design - WENDY M. BIRCHALL - Angel jewelry, stones, gardens
Emily Swiatek with Universal Biomat (Sunday) - Emily Swiatik - Biomat
Energy Connection - JAN BARTROP-Babbitt - Hypnosis
Farmington Hypnosis & Awareness Center, LLC - ALTHEA DEPASCALE - Hypnosis, intuitive work
Friends Of Valley Falls - Responsible stewardship of Valley Falls
Go Organic, LLC (Sunday) - JOHN TYCZ - Organic lawn and garden service
hawkwing - ROCHELLE RIPLEY - Native made craftwork
Healing Intention - DAWNLYN WARNER - Reiki and shamanic healings
HeartStone Labyrinths, LLC - GREG COLEMAN
Herbs, Teas & Flowers - ELAINE S. REYNOLDS - Teas, herbals, jewelry
Inner Essence - PEGGY & DON VALLIERE - Minerals, crystals, jewelry
Jane Woods Therapy & Reiki Studio - JANE WOODS - Jewelry
L'Unique Realm - LYNNE HARTWELL - Energy healing, aromatherapy, crystal therapy
Leanne Peters Inner World Illustration - Artist
Life Force Chiropractic, LLC- APRIL LITTLE, DC
Live Wellness, LLC - KASANDRA LAMBERT - Massage, Thai massage, lymphatic drainage
Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe (Sunday) - ERIKA DWORKIN - Supplements and natural foods
Marconics - L. WILSON & A. BIRD - Energy healing
Mastering Wellness, Inc. - DAWN SELANDER - Energy medicine, nutrition, meditation
Mondazzi Books - ED MONDAZZI - Books, salt lamps, CD's
Monet's Table - DEBRA BETH BAHLER - Eclectic wholesome food
Natural Awakenings Magazine of Hartford - SHAWN COLE - Magazine
Natural Nutmeg - DIANE HAYDEN - Magazine
Nature·Spirit·Reiki - VICTORIA CASA, RMT - Reiki, aromatherapy
Nature's Helper Medical Clinic (Saturday) - STACEY MUNRO, ND - Naturopathic medicine
Naturopathic & Acupuncture Health Center (Saturday) - JOHN, RENEE & MARIE MAMMONE, ND
New Leaf Pottery - CYNDI KRUPA - Handmade pottery
Next Step Living (Sunday) - COLLEEN WETMORE - Homeowner energy consumption education
Northern Connecticut Land Trust - GAIL FAHERTY - Land preservation
Odiyana Center - BOB SAUNDERS - Meditation classes
Oneida Holistic Health Center - TORIN LEE - Various modalities
OxyGenesis Institute (Sunday) - LOIS GRASSO - Coaching with breathwork, EFT
Pagan Faire/Aromatherapy Alchemist - CHRIS MCKECHNIE - Aromatherapy and spa products
Peaceful Healings, LLC - EDIE JEMIOLA - Sound healing
Pioneer Health Compounding Pharmacy - RON SYLVAIN - Nutrition and compounded medication
Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center (Saturday) - DEBORAH RAVENWOOD - Holistic counseling, energy healing
R House Restaurant - KIM RAMSDELL - Restaurant & catering
Sacred Contracts Consulting (Saturday) - FREDDIE CLOSE - Consulting, book
Sacred Song Reiki - PRISCILLA GALE - Reiki, sound healing
Science of Spirituality - CLARE VIDICH & MATTHEW RAIDER, MD - Meditation
Serenity Grove Wellness Center, Inc. - HEATHER DELUSSO & LISA HUPPERT- Energy healing, pendulums
Silver Dragon Tai Chi & QiGong, LLC - GEORGE HOFFMAN - Workshops and classes
Silver Moon Herbals LLC - ALLIE NOTARILE - Herbal health and beauty products, teas
Solar City - JOHN BOIANO - Solar power
Spirit Matters, LLC - LISA BURCH, LCSW - Psychotherapy, workshops
Spirit of the Lotus - ROBIN BARROS - IMT practitioner, Soul Coach, shaman
Starwinds/Jessica Hicking Massage - MARION PORTER - Massage, sound healing, Reiki
Strong Family Farm - NANCY STRONG - Farm preservation and museum
Swift Farm - CHRISTOPHER SWIFT - Beeswax candles, maple syrup
Synergy Massage & Fitness - JENNIFER MCDOUGAL - Massage, CranioSacral
Tankerhoosen.info - JON ROE - Website and e-newsletter
Tender Labor Care/Tender Lactation Counseling (Saturday) - KATHLEEN GLUCKSMAN
The Beyond Center - REBECCA ANN LOCICERO - Reiki, IET, books
The Center For Holistic Empowerment - ELLEN GILHOOLY
The Conduit Center - JEFF NICKELL & OWEN JAMES - Gong meditation.
The Healing Earth - FRAN STORCH, ND & CHERESE MATHEWS - Naturopathic medicine
The Healing In Harmony Center - PRISCILLA BENGTSON - Books, CDs, DVDs
The Healing Well - MEGAN JOHNSON - Massage, energy work
The Tao Of Tangling - MAUREEN STOTT - Zentangle, art, note cards
Thistle Glass Crafts - MARY THOMPSON - Healing stones, crystals, pendants, singing bowls
Tools-of-the-Heart.com (Sunday) - GRANT CAHILL - Minerals
Trance To Change Hypnotherapy (Sunday) - ALICIA O'HARA - Hypnotherapy, CD's
Tru Elements - JOHN ODLUM - Massage, aromatherapy, Reiki
Vernon Conservation Commission - RYAN GOAD - Preserving Vernon's natural resources
Vernon Parks & Recreation Dept. - Trail maps, yoga classes and other healthy activities
Vibrational Healing - MARIE MENUT - Vibrational healing, Tibetan bowls
Well Beyond Nutrition, LLC - ANNA SIMPSON, NTP, MA - Creams, deodorants, prints, cards
Whole Harmony - STACEY WOOD - Medicinal herbal tea, herbalist
Yoga Born - DAWN GREENFIELD - Therapeutic yoga, classes